Parents Speak

Mummy Celest

The lesson plans and flow have been fantastic, very engaging and interesting. Could feel that Vic really enjoyed and acquired new knowledge and skills in a fun and happy environment.
All the teachers rock!
Good selection of toys and library collection too!

Mummy Thada

Thank you so much all teachers and staff at Tots’ Classroom for your patience and enthusiasm in taking care of Ellie. I truly appreciate your effort in encouraging and supporting her development. Ellie has learnt a great deal through your creative curriculum.
Special thanks to teacher Soh Huang Ting for your caring and always updating us with Ellie’s progress in class. I’m sure Ellie will never forget memorable experience at The Tots’ Classroom. It’s her first school that definitely helps pave path for her future learning

Mummy Lindt

Joining The Tots’ Classroom has been the best choice we have made for Lucinda! We have seen how she grow up from a timid shy girl to someone who dare to speak up and become chatty and outgoing. The school activities are fun and she love it! The teachers would constantly give us updates on a daily basis with photos and video.

Thank you so much to all the school teachers who made the effort to nurture her. Strongly recommended this school, keep up the good work:)

Mummy Ming Lan

Thank you The Tots’, Nat and Mommy really enjoy the classes and the teachers here.
The activities are very creative and suitable for kids. Nat loves the classes and is very excited to go to school every day. We have seen Nat picking up English and social/dancing skills on a daily basis.
She surprises us everyday, thanks to The Tots!!

Daddy Lex

The teacher-to-student ratio is appropriate and ensures that enough attention is spent on each child. They are very patient with the children and provide good and prompt feedback on my child’s progress. They go the extra mile to suggest ways we could help further develop our child at home and even have packaged materials for loan to help us in this aspect. Its been great so far and we hope to continue sending our son to The Tots’ Classroom!

Mummy Aw

1) 我的孩子在您那儿有学到良好的教育。

Mummy Suzie

Dear Tots’ Classroom,
I really love to see how much my child has improved since joining your playgroup. I love how you guys see each student as unique, special little one, without any preset expectation. I love how interesting all the classes are and how dedicated, loving all the teachers have been. I know my child really enjoys herself at The Tots’ Classroom. And for that, I am very grateful to all your hardwork!

Grandpa J.

The teachers are cheerful and positive in handling in Tots(children). The Tots feel comfortable, build up their confidence and trust in the teachers. The teachers are simply excellent and very helpful.

Mummy Karen

My daughter looks forward to attend the class every Sunday!

This says so much about The Tots’ Classroom! Teachers have been great, shows a lot of passion in what they do!

Please keep it up!

Mummy Ang

It’s great to have the flexibility in terms of lesson attendance and period. It’s good to keep to a small class of 8 pupils. It is attractive to have many hands-on activities within the lesson focusing on sensory and kinesthetic activities.

Other centres focus too much on academic/end product thus very boring. Children’s developmental focus on the processes – purposeful play and fun.

It’s great to have packed activity for parents to loan to reinforce/to use it as fillers for children.

Daddy Tan

Aaron is so ‘at home’ in The Tots’ Classroom. The teachers & staff are so friendly, caring & fun. When Aaron first started he was so shy.

Now, he gets to interact with more people. He also learned a lot – fun songs, arts & crafts, how to clean up after each activity & many more. He has improved tremendously.

I really liked how the entire place is set-up. It is very child friendly. I like it here because I can also borrow books and activity materials so we can bond with Aaron at home. The teachers & staff are very accommodating, and easy to talk to.

Overall, my wife & I are very happy that we have enrolled Aaron to The Tots’ Classroom.

Keep It Up!

Mummy Jenny

After sending my son for early childhood enrichment class, I have seen improvement in his learning abilities. Of course, with dedicated & passion teachers around, parents does not need to worry about their child foundation & potentials. Kudos to all teachers in The Tots’ Classroom!

Mummy Carol

You guys were more than great!
Although it has just been a short 1 month time but C and myself are greatly encouraged by you guys. The professional advice that was given makes me realise that every small part (at least that’s what I thought) plays an important part for C’s education.

Thanks Guys.

Mummy Emily

R always look forward to attending class at The Tots’ Classroom even though he only attends once a week. The activities are always engaging for the children and are age-appropriate.

Even as a parent, I get lots of ideas from here to do at home.

Thank you!

Mummy Angela

M has been attending Tots’ Classroom since Apr 2014. Initially she will cried and scared coming to class. As she’s got a bad experience at childcare. But I’m very glad and happy the teachers over here are very patience and meticulous towards M. I’m also very touch that Wan Ting willing to open an individual class for her when she’s know her condition.

Less than a month, M settled down very quickly. I know she’s looking forward everyday to come here for lessons. I can see alot of improvement in her such as cheerful, more speech and more social. That’s why I signed up immediately for 3 lessons a week once available.

I must thank all the teachers and WanTing at Tots’ Classroom for being kind, generous, caring towards my M.

Cheers, A

Mummy Jas

Having enrolled our child in this learning through PLAY enrichment program has been a wise decision made. She has learnt and benefited from the lessons and we see positive changes in her as quick as 2 months.
Each lesson was carefully hand-crafted and designed specifically with the kids in mind. The teachers are very patient and spare no effort in making sure each child is well-taken care off. The small teacher-student ratio is also very good for each child to receive the best attention.
Both thumbs-up for a wonder experience and journey here for our child in The Little Tots Classroom

Mummy Celestina

Teachers are awesome with constant updates of how my child is performing in class. They keep you in the loop by sending pics and videos of how they are. Parent-accompanied lessons in the beginning are so useful for transition period!! Highly recommend :)

Mummy Winny

自从我的孩子来了The Tots’ Classroom,她的英语进步了很多。在没有压力的环境里学习让我的孩子更喜欢来。

Grandpa Andrew

Hi, I am a grandpa and I am tasked with the sending and collecting my 2 years 3 months old granddaughter to and fro The Tots’ Classroom twice a week since August 2014.
Since then, her parent and myself have never look back for her to continuing with her Wednesday and Friday sessions there.
I’ve observed that she always look forward to her 1.5 hours session there probably because she feels very much at home with the friendly and dedicated staff and the company of other children there.
Though, this is a play school for 2 to 5 years old, I’m often asked to take home some of her completed worksheets and drawings in various shapes and colours and child’s painting done in class for her parent to see.
I’ve also noticed that the children are full of fun and laughters when the class session come to close with songs and dance, and at the end of it, each child is allowed to choose his/her favourite sticker, as a reward to bring it home.
This little attention by the school really warm our hearts and make the children happy.
We are definitely pleased with the way the school is run.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you Ms Soh and her staff.

Daddy Tom

– Friendly teachers
– Teachers focus on child’s behavior and give suggestions & feedback on better nurturing the child.
– Patient and provides details on every lesson to the parents end of the session
– Brings extra knowledge together with fun so the child shows interest in learning
– End of every lesson my child always come back happy & positive.

Mummy Tracy


Daddy Yang

Dear teachers,
my wife & I feel so lucky to have sent our son to your centre. He loves coming here. We don’t have any hard time sending to learn English anymore.
He is able to speak more English with me. Teacher’s feedback is very useful for parents to work hard in hard for the kid’s improvement. Thanks.